Jeff Kuhlman - Personal Insurance Advisor

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Jeff grew up in a small town in southwest Texas. He attended Texas A&M University on an academic scholarship and was a member of several organizations including the Biomedical Science Association and the Tennis Club.

After graduating in 2000, Jeff started his career in cancer research at The Cancer Therapy and Research Center in San Antonio. It was there that he discovered a passion for detail and the satisfaction of being a part of a much larger goal/picture. He found that it was incredibly rewarding to contribute to something that could save so many lives, even if it was only on a small level.

Several years later, he transitioned to a role in phase 1 clinical research as a patient advocate. During this time, he was able to work with patients on an individual basis, and fully realized his enthusiasm for one-on-one contact.
When the opportunity to move to Dallas presented itself in 2015, he grabbed it and didn’t look back. After being away for almost 20 years, being closer to his mom and sister was something he could not pass up.

Jeff is currently exploring and getting to know the Dallas area and its diverse neighborhoods. So far, his favorite is the Bishop Arts area with its vintage feel and outstanding restaurants like Hattie's and Oddfellows.

Being a newcomer to the insurance industry, he has applied his love for engaging people and learned that there is great value in assisting with something that can be complicated or misunderstood.

Jeff is a lover of all things science fiction including the Alien series of movies and the Star Wars/Star Trek series. He has a huge sweet tooth for anything baked, especially cheesecake and donuts. Every fall, he attends at least one Aggie football game and has been playing tennis since middle school.

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